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Verbálika linguistic Services, training and foreign trade

Verbálika S.L. founded from the great experience of our members, is a young and dynamic company.

Verbálika S.L. operates with three independent production lines, but also interlinked: Verbálika Linguistic Services,, Verbálika Training and Verbálika Foreign Trade.

With the passage of the years we have discovered that the direct contact with our translators guarantees the high quality of our translations.

Verbálika Linguistic Services, wants to offer in Toledo an official service translation and professional interpretation in all languages, all done by professional translators and this way you can save money, costs and time.

In a direct contact the will be a Project director, so all your necessities will be covered and thus the project guarantees a high quality.

We are authorised to do oficial translations as simple ones because of most of our official translators are in Toledo.

You will be able to have linguistic autonomy with Verbálika Training being educated in all languages you demand, such as general or specialized.

To conclude, we have Verbálika Foreign Trade, where all kind of international advising are available, from the viability study you need to commercialise product in other countries to its finalisation.