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What is an Official Translation?

An official translation is regulated by some characteristics which make the difference:

  • An authorised official translator signs and stamps the document (the official term used is sworn translator/interpreter).

  • It has a status of official character for the authorities.
Because of the legal status, translations must be handed print and owing to the translators sign and stamp. Nevertheless, for quickness it can be scanned to come ahead of time, though it hasn’t have any legal value.

  • The official translations will be handed printed and stamped in our office or by certificated mail or by a messenger.

  • In Verbálika, all kind of documents and all possible linguistic combinations translations are done in Toledo.

  • Nevertheless as with any way the original documents can be sent (fax, email o handing a photocopy).
traduccion legal en toledo
Who has the rights to do official translations? The sworn translator/interpreters are the ones in charge for the official or legal translations in Spain (official translators), named by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as the only ones with rights to testifies the veracity of the documents context and to perform this type of translation (legal, official, economic, general, certified, etc.). What kind of responsibility has the sworn translator? The sworn translator testifies that the translation is faithful to the handed one. A legal translation will never be good to legalize or authenticate the original one. Do you have to legalize the official or legal translations? You don’t have to legalize in other public organism the legal or official translation in the Spanish territory, because the sworn translator is an officer authorised. Nevertheless, the sworn translation carried out by a Spanish sworn interpreter will have validity in all foreign countries as long as it has been legalized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Madrid.