Literary translation: This type of translation includes prose and poetry and any literary text. It requires literary creativity and ability, as the aim is to maintain the style and the voice of the author. Ideal for:
  • Stories
  • Novels
  • Theatre plays
  • Poetry, etc.
Scientific and technical translation: As its name indicates it a type of translation focused on scientific texts. Moreover, technical translation deals with highly specialised texts of various topics, e.g., engineering, self-propulsion or computers. Recommended for texts such as:
  • Instruction guides
  • User guides
  • Patents
  • Material Safety Data Sheets, etc.
Economic and financial translation: It is a kind of translation with a specific jargon, including types of specialised texts such as:
  • Reports
  • Corporative balance sheets
  • Bank newsletters
  • Shareholder meetings, etc.
Trade translation: The biggest challenge in this kind of translation, which includes specialised texts and advertising documents, is the understanding of specific cultural elements to convey them in the target language. Suitable for:
  • Brochure
  • Advertising items
  • Company web sites
  • Trade and advertising campaigns
Audiovisual translation: It is divided into two main modalities, subtitling and dubbing. Our translators in Toledo provide subtitling, or dubbing, depending on the client's needs. The dialogues and discursive elements in audiovisual translation are translated to convey the relation between the sound and the image in the subtitles. The on-screen texts are the subtitles (the shortened, adapted version of what is said) on a film, series, documentary or television programme. Suitable for:
  • Films
  • Short films
  • Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Television series
Medical-Healthcare Translation: Because of the forefront technologies progress and increase of the documents it requires the most experienced translator therefore it’s one of the most required translations. Suitable for:
  • Essays
  • Research articles
  • Patient documentations
  • Manuals
  • Pamphlet
  • Patient texts information
  • Medical specialised manuals documentary, etc.
Informative translation: It is the most common kind of translation. They are informative texts, such as:
  • Journalism texts
  • Academic articles
  • Essays
  • Dissertations, etc.
Sworn Translation: Verbálika will help you in any kind of law character documentary. May or not be official, but always done by an official translator in Toledo.
  • Purchase or hiring contracts, software license, request for bids, agency…;
  • Transcript, death certificate, birth certificate, apostilles…;
  • Deeds, will and testaments, minutes…;
  • All kind of sworn documentary.